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Colin Astbury

Experienced Computer Science / iMedia teacher

Welcome to Astbury Computing

Currently this site is for the benefit of my students at the British International School, Ho Chi Minh City. Looking for a school in Vietnam? Check it out.

This site is to allow me to host a Moodle for the benefit of my students, (see link above) and explore other projects, as well as describing a little bit about myself.

A note for fellow teachers, ever set up a load of work, then moved on and found out you had to set it up again? Thats the reason behind this site if you care in the slightest, I have had enough of reinventing the wheel, instead take time to invent a wheel that works for me and my students and my way of teaching, and invent it well.

Credit must go to Alan O'Donohoe (Twitter @teknoteacher) for first showing me (and many countless others) what Moodle could do.